A fire at a Pennsylvania dairy over the weekend burned a barn to the ground and killed 54 cows. 

"We had 58 dairy cows, and Travis Musser was able to save three of them and a calf. As I look at it, I just think of how the milk check ends right now, today,” co-owner Fay Berger told The Lebanon Daily News in a report available here.

Berger and her husband, Cliff, were attending an out-of-state event when their son called to inform them that the barn was engulfed. It took six hours for the Bergers to race back to their smoldering dairy in Lebanon County, Pa.

“By then, everything was gone,” Berger said.

The fire was initially reported by a passing state trooper, who saw flames from a nearby interstate. By the time help arrived, the barn was fully engulfed. Neighbors were only able to save a handful of animals.

The blaze caused an estimated $500,000 in damage.

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