Idaho is on pace for another record year of agricultural exports.

According to the Capital Press, Idaho sold $736 million of agricultural products to other countries, more than 7 percent higher than last year.

If realized, 2013 would be the third straight year the state set a record for agricultural exports.

Of these exports, dairy products accounted for 31 percent, totaling $230 million.  

Higher commodity prices and rising incomes in emerging economies helped push the value of Idaho ag exports up this year, but dairy remains the main reason, said Idaho Farm Bureau Federation spokesman John Thompson

“It’s a combination of a whole bunch of things but dairy is by far the biggest reason in terms of total dollars,” he said. “Growth in the middle class of a lot of those countries we export to is another big reason.”

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The State of Idaho Agriculture shows that the majority of Idaho exports – dairy and other commodities – go to Canada (20 percent), Mexico (17 percent) and China (11 percent).  Click here for more.