Your dairy story matters.

The United Dairy Industry of Michigan doesn’t want the public to forget that their milk doesn’t just come from the dairy aisle – it was produced by hard-working men and women who have given their life to feeding the nation.

“Dairy farmers' hands tell a story. With every wrinkle, every crease, hard work can be seen,” the video says.

The video goes on to say that these same hands are “the tools that feed families, towns, states and nations” and that “tirelessly chore; they tirelessly care; they tirelessly love.”

By showing the public that farmers are “just like them,” the group hopes to reconnect consumers to their food.  

Watch the video in the player above or click here for the YouTube channel. 

The video also goes hand-in-hand with a promotion partnership with Kroger grocery stores to encourage shoppers to “Pour it Forward.” Under the promotion, shoppers can donate a gallon of milk to the Forgotten Harvest rescue.

The group reports that as of Monday, more than 18,400 gallons of milk had been purchased for needy families in the Detroit, Mich., area.

Read more about the promotion here.

Previous efforts from other groups, such as a coalition of Washington dairy farmers, have found that highly perishable donations, such as milk and dairy, are the “white gold” many food banks rarely see. See, “Washington dairies donate ‘white gold’ to food banks.”