Dairy group endorses Wisconsin governor in recall election

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The Dairy Business Association (DBA) has endorsed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker in the upcoming recall election.

According to a DBA news release, Walker has not only been a champion of the state's dairy industry, but an active participant in crafting policies that promote the economic expansion of one of Wisconsin's leading industries.

DBA was the first state-wide agricultural organization to endorse Walker in 2010.

"Governor Walker earned DBA's endorsement in the summer of 2010 because our Association believed that he was best qualified to manage the business of the State by making the tough decisions Wisconsin needed in order to succeed. He has clearly demonstrated the same strong and conscientious work ethic that our farmers have and has put Wisconsin back on the right track," says DBA President Jerry Meissner. "For these reasons and many more, DBA strongly supports and stands with Governor Walker once again."

During the legislative session, Walker helped usher in legislation to streamline permitting processes, create greater efficiencies for transporting agricultural commodities and generate a business-friendly tax and regulatory climate.

Walker has also implemented programs to help increase milk production to supply Wisconsin cheese-makers with a sufficient amount of milk to operate at full capacity.

"Governor Walker has recognized the importance of a vibrant dairy industry in Wisconsin and has pro-actively created initiatives that will foster the continued growth of our industry," added Laurie Fischer, DBA's Executive Director. "DBA enthusiastically supports Governor Walker in the recall election."

The recall election will take place on June 5.

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Fabian Almeida    
Cleburne, Texas  |  May, 11, 2012 at 09:23 AM

A person that stand for the rich like most of the Tea-Part platform does not stand for the small farmer but big business. Dairy farmers are delussional when thinking Republicans stand for their right. Democrats look out for the small farmer and Wisconsin has more of those than than big ones. Currently dairy policy is stuck in the Senate and House in Washington not becaus eof Democrats but because of Republicans. when are dairy farmers get a clue that Republicans much rather see ADM or other big feed companies running the dairy industry than small farmers.

Texas Dairy Farmer    
Cleburne, Texas  |  May, 11, 2012 at 09:30 AM

Any politician in Wisconsin will defend the dairy industry, however when it comes to policy it is clear that Republicans always will favor the ADM's of the world taking over the dairy industry or any agricultural business over the small or medium size dairy farmer. Walker will do and say anything to keep his bully pulpit in disregrad of people and protecting big business. I don't see how a dairy organization could support such a moron. Time and again Republicans have shown their disregard for the farmer. They're the ones that have stalled the Dairy stabilization plan in Washington in the House and in the Senate. Dairy farmers need to wake up and see that their livelihoods are threatened by the extreme Tea-Party groups that want to see big business suceed and poor people (which many of us farmers are becoming) go further in debt or bank rupt.

Wisconsin  |  May, 17, 2012 at 06:07 PM

With all due respect, during my driving across America's Dairyland this week I've seen "We Stand with Walker" signs all over the state of Wisconsin--on dairies of all sizes--especially the smaller ones. The Tea-Party is not involved with the Class Warfare or Hype & Blame of the current administration and their useful idiots who continue to vote for them. Getting excessive government out of the way of our industry is exactly what we voted for when we put Scott Walker in office and he is delivering. I will gladly interrupt my celebration of June Dairy Month here in Wisconsin to vote for him once again.

wisconsin  |  May, 11, 2012 at 11:24 AM

Gov Walker is only for the rich, have you looked at milk prices and also looked at what dean foods is making for profits and say too your self who is getting the better deal. They only want a cheap source of milk for their plants, people need to wake up and realize what walker says is all bull. Wisconsin is nearly on the bottom of the list for new where are all the jobs walker promised. remember first they came for the unions and you did nothing and he is coming took make the middle class into the poor class, and take away all your land and money and have their rich farmers buy your land and make larger and larger farms and you can work for them, just keep doing what the government is saying about farming and you"ll never be rich and most likey loose all you have. Do not risk the land , working in town if neccesary and you will be rewarded with higher prices in the future when the surpluses are all gone.

Wisconsin Dairy Farmer    
Wisconsin  |  May, 12, 2012 at 10:40 AM

The dairy industry creates thousands of jobs in WI. Gov Walker is smart to recognize this. As a farmer we have already seen he promotes regulation, but in a more practical way. For example, some reports to the DNR can now be submitted electronically instead of mailing lots of paper. Regarding large or small farms - When will we all start celebrating farms of every size? We need each other.

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