Usually it’s the farm owner who comes to the rescue of his dairy herd in the midst of raging barn fire, but on one Pennsylvania dairy it was the dairy herd that saved the day.

According to Lancaster (Pa.) Online, the early-morning fire broke out at a dairy in Warwick Township, Pa., as owner Elton Z. Hurst slept, and it wasn’t until he heard his cattle herd bawling that he knew something was wrong.

Thanks to the herd’s warning, Hurst was able to call 911 quickly and work with fire crews to rescue all of the dairy’s animals.

It took 50 firefighters the better part of two hours to control the blaze. In the aftermath, the fire caused an estimated $75,000 in damages.

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This summer has been especially disastrous for dairies in both the U.S. and Canada. Since early July, barn fires killed more than 230 animals in Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada.