The U.S. dairy industry is now a major player in today’s export market, thanks in part to a partnership formed in 1995.

In a new video to promote this partnership - the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) – the incredible growth of U.S. dairy exports is on display. Today, annual exports exceed $6 billion, averaging a 21 percent annual growth over the last 10 years.

Just a decade ago, the U.S. shipped less than 6 percent of its milk production overseas, according to Paul Rovey, a dairy farmer from Arizona and chairman of USDEC. Today, that figure approaches 16 percent.

The USDEC has helped push the U.S. dairy industry from a minor player to a leading global supplier. Last year, U.S. dairy exporters shipped record levels of milk powder, cheese, whey products, lactose and fluid milk. Read more here.

Click here or the embedded video above to watch “U.S. Dairy Exports: A Growth Story.”