Couples wanting to pucker up after a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner may want to order a glass of milk with their garlic-packed dinner. Research shows that milk is a powerful tool in combating garlic breath.

According to Science Daily, a 2010 study by research from The Ohio State University found that drinking meal while eating garlic-heavy food can help reduce any lingering smells left on a person's breath.  

Published in the Journal of Food Science, researchers found that both low- and non-fat milk affected garlic breath odor, but whole milk and its higher fat content was most effective in eliminating the problem. Read more about the study here.

In line with Valentine’s Day, a study last year found that another popular dairy product – yogurt – improved the love life of mice. However, further research is needed to test the results on humans. Read, “Yogurt key to sexier, slimmer mice.”