National unemployment figures may be stuck at more than 9 percent, but that doesn’t mean employers have 14 million prospective workers beating down their doors. In fact, finding good employees remains a challenge, especially on dairies and other ag-related operations where “dirty jobs” are often difficult to fill.

These are the jobs The Fiscal Times describes as “high-stress, uncomfortable, dangerous, or just plain icky, that regardless of the recession, you have to be pretty desperate to sign up for. “ Of course, there’s a list of these “hideous” jobs, with ag earning a top spot.

The publication recently ranked dairy farm hand right up there with head lice technician as employment opportunities few U.S. workers seem to want, noting that about 41 percent of dairy workers are foreign-born. (Read the full article.) 

Other jobs on the list include:

  • Window washer
  • Diaper service worker
  • High-rise iron worker
  • Septic tank/Sewer pipe servicer
  • Oil and gas industry roustabout
  • Meter reader
  • Animal slaughterer

But don’t despair. According to the article, software and natural-resource-extraction companies are among those still trying to hire because they can’t find enough people with the right skills, either.