2013 U.S. female dairy cattle exports top 66,600 head

U.S. female replacement dairy cattle finished the year strong, pushing 2013 exports to the second-highest annual total ever.

December exports totaled 5,458 head, the seventh month of more than 5,000 head for the year, according to USDA’s Foreign Ag Service. The 2013 total of 66,640 head trailed only 2011, when U.S. female dairy cattle exports hit 73,642 head.

Russia was the top destination for U.S. replacements in 2013, at 24,686 head. Mexico finished close behind at 23,825. Turkey was third, at 12,370 head.

Source: U.S. Foreign Ag Service


2013 U.S. alfalfa exports rise

December 2013 U.S. alfalfa hay exports totaled 173,503 metric tons, pushing the 2013 total to 1.97 million metric tons, up 12% from 2012 and likely a record high, according to USDA’s Foreign Ag Service.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was the top market for U.S. alfalfa hay in 2013, at 662,550 metric tons. China was second, at 575,282 metric tons; followed by Japan, at 448,391 metric tons.

 Meanwhile, monthly U.S. exports of other hay totaled 1.89 million metric tons, down about 3% from 2012. Japan was the leading market, at 980,492 metric tons; followed by South Korea, at 410,450 metric tons; and China, at 204,268 metric tons.

Source: U.S. Foreign Ag Service


U.S. ethanol exports up; distillers grains set new record

U.S. ethanol producers exported more ethanol – and more ethanol co-products including distillers grains – in 2013.

Ethanol exports totaled 621.5 million gallons (mg) in 2013, the third-highest annual total on record, with about 52% going to Canada. Rounding out the top five ethanol export markets were the Philippines, Brazil, United Arab Emirates and Mexico.

Exports of distillers grains set a new record of 9.7 million metric tons, up 31% from 2012 and eclipsing the previous record of 9.0 million metric tons set in 2010. China was the leading destination for U.S. distillers grains, receiving about 46% of the total. Rounding out the top five markets were Mexico, Canada, Mexico and South Korea.

Source: Renewable Fuels Association