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Dairy steals the spotlight in Al Roker broadcastAl Roker – celebrity meteorologist, television star and dairy farmer?

Weather may have brought Roker to the Hatcher Family Dairy in College Grove, Tenn., but it was dairy farming that stole the show.

The dairy was the first stop for Roker’s new “Wake up with Al” television series, and the Hatcher family put the host to work. From the milking parlor to calf feeding, Roker may soon take a new gig as a dairy farmer.

“I never thought I would be driving a tractor. Life is pretty good here at the farm.”

Watch the video (shown above) for a glimpse of Roker’s trip to the farm.

The sixth-generation dairy is also home to two veterinarians, Charlie and Jennifer Hatcher. The father-and-daughter duo work at Rock N Country Veterinarian Services and have been featured several times in Bovine Veterinarian magazine, including “‘Best practices’ good for all” and “So you want to be a mentor?

Food on the farm also was featured in a clip focusing on southern cooking which included a filling breakfast with the Hatcher family. Click here to watch the clip.