Milk “does a body good,” but a new article featured on Yahoo! shows that other dairy foods achieve that purpose, as well. 

The popular magazine Women’s Health came up with a list of foods that can help keep men and women in shape. Included in the list are two dairy items: cottage cheese and ricotta cheese.

According to the article, low-fat cottage cheese is a must for maintaining luscious hair.

“Hair is almost all protein, so attaining a strong, vibrant mane starts with eating enough of it. Reduced-fat cottage cheese is a protein heavyweight, with 14 grams in half a cup,” the article states.

Ricotta cheese was suggested to improve muscle and joint help, thanks to whey protein, which is “loaded with all of the amino acids muscles need to grow and mend.”

Other healthy food options mentioned in the list include

  • Eggs for eye health
  • Beef for strong nails
  • Canned salmon for improved bone health

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