Students in the North Allegheny, Pa., school district have a new vending machine to raid after school. Instead of serving chips and soda, this machine offers cheese and milk.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a grant from the Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association helped fund the dairy vending machines in the district’s intermediate and senior high schools.

"We always sold milk and dairy products on the [lunch] line, but you never really had them available during the school day," said Roger Botti, director of transportation and operations. "We want to offer the best nutritional value to the kids."

So far the vending machines, stocked with milk, cheese and yogurt, have been a hit with students. 

Read, “Grant money brings more dairy to after-school snacks in North Allegheny.”

Dairy is a nutritional jackpot for growing kids and teens, earning an A+ in fighting childhood obesity. Other studies have found that a high-dairy diet can help cut belly fat and that dairy is an important part of a healthy diet for teenagers, however weight-conscious they may be.