Uncle Jesse is back in a Dannon Oikos commercial headed for the Super Bowl, but this time he’s bringing some well-loved characters from his “Full House” days with him.

Dannon Oikos ‘Full House’ ad ignites Super Bowl battleThe boys from the ‘90s hit sitcom, featuring John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, have reunited in the promotion. The commercial was released prior to the Super Bowl over the weekend.

For Greek yogurt lovers – and “Full House" fans – the commercial breaks on game day may not come soon enough.

“Our advertising during the big game helps educate Americans about how Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt fits into the fabric of American life,” Sergio Fuster, Chief Marketing Officer for The Dannon Company, said in a news release. “Our ad in 2012 was a big hit for us and helped encourage a lot of Americans to give Greek yogurt and Oikos a try. In 2014, we’re building on our success as the leading maker of yogurt by focusing on the lighter side of the big game with a very entertaining ad for the brand.”

The last Super Bowl spot for Dannon Oikos was in 2012, and the commercial scored well with viewerws. It ranked 10th highest in the Super Bowl admeter. Read more here.  

Though Dannon’s commercial will likely sit well with fans of the sitcom, will it be enough to beat Chobani’s first attempt at a Super Bowl commercial?

Chobani announced in December it would run its first Super Bowl ad. Adweek expects Chobani to use the Super Bowl to promote its near 100-calorie product line, an area where Dannon has enjoyed an early lead.

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