Global demand for cheese is increasing, driving dairy exports higher. One state in particular is reaping the benefits of the amplified demand.

On a nationwide scale, Idaho produces more milk per capita than any other state, 80% of which goes to producing cheese.

From January to March of this year the value of dairy exports out of Idaho jumped 94%, totaling $99.7 million, almost doubling from the same period last year. Idaho cheese exports jumped 230 percent to $36 million.

Exports of whey, dry milk and butter all boasted increases as well. Butter led the pack with a 451 percent increase landing at $14.7 million during the first quarter.

Idaho dairy exports are expected to continue their climb, but not at the same first quarter rates.

Jon Davis, CEO of Davisco Foods, the parent company of Jerome Cheese Co. in Idaho said, “We’re just getting into being a supplier to the world of dairy and we’re going to have to fight to keep our position,”

Source: Capital Press