New York’s farms generate $5 billion in sales, and about half comes from dairy farmers. But finding a workforce to harvest the goods from those farms is still difficult, and a new documentary examines the situation in depth.

Roy Germano, a social scientist and nonfiction filmmaker, visited Western New York dairies for the new documentary: “Immigrant America: They Steal our Jobs?” He previously directed “The Other Side of Immigration” in 2009, winning an American Library Association Notable Video Award.

In the documentary, Germano works the milking parlor, pushes manure, and completes other tasks on the dairy to show the kind of work that needs to be completed.

But Western NY is home to the largest immigration detention facility outside one in Arizona, and farm workers are picked up – often without probable cause – due to detention center quotas, according to the documentary.

The film also shows families being split apart and the undercover games immigrants play to get groceries. “Immigrant America” was debuted Wednesday

Source: Orleans Hub