Food myths can begin in any number of ways. Sometimes they are old wives' tales that just won't go away. Other times, a source will quote incorrect information about a food and the "fact" becomes conventional wisdom. And, with today's information technology, myths can become far-reaching in a matter of days.

Milk and dairy foods provide your diet with at least 10 essential nutrients including high quality protein, calcium, vitamin D and potassium. And while awareness of the health benefits of dairy foods is increasing, there are still a number of commonly-held misconceptions about them.

  • Myth: Soy and almond milk are just as nutritious as dairy milk.
  • Myth: People with lactose intolerance should avoid dairy foods.
  • Myth: Organic milk is safer than regular milk.
  • Myth: Flavored milk isn't as good for you due to sugar content.
  • Myth: Humans are not designed to drink cow's milk.

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