In 2012, a video surfaced of animal abuse at Luis Bettencourt’s dairy farm in Hansen, Idaho. The farm where the film was captured has now been sold to John Glessner.

The name Glessner may not ring a bell but maybe Austin “Jack” Decoster will. The two men share a bond, a conviction of violating immigration laws.

Decoster owns the Iowa egg-production facility tied to the 2010 recall of more than half a million eggs due to salmonella contamination. The outbreak caused multiple retail store to drop DeCoster products altogether, resulting in a heated legal battle between DeCoster and Glessner.

Before the feud, Glessner supplied Decoster’s facilities with undocumented workers, which landed him a four month prison sentence and $300,000 in fines.

After the animal abuse video was released Bettencourt fired the employees involved and installed security cameras at the dairy. He insists the video is not the cause for selling.

Source: Idaho Statesman