This is what it did for Pieter Maes, a dairy farmer from Melsele, Belgium. Before using the E=P+S program, Pieter noticed that his cows were underperforming and they were not achieving the fertility levels he had hoped they’d reach.

However, after implementing the E=P+S program, he kindly sent us this glowing testimonial: “Alltech has helped me to dramatically improve the health condition and fertility of my heifers, as they are now coming into heat better and earlier. After introducing Alltech’s Mineral Management program, my cows have reduced incidence of ketosis and their hooves are as hard as a rock. Additionally, Alltech’s Protein Programme has strongly reduced my feed costs and improved my feed efficiency.’

Pieter’s improvements have helped him achieve outstanding efficiency that was recently recognized by the Milk Control Centre of Flanders, The Centre awarded him a certificate for “outstanding milk quality,”  and he now holds their title of “Super Milker.”

Congratulations Pieter, we wish you continued success on your farm!

Pieter has improved his profitability in an enhanced sustainable fashion by focusing on efficiency with the Alltech E=P+S programme. Why don’t you give it a try?

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