Michigan Farm News reports The state Farm Bureau will provide science curriculum for seventh-grade classrooms in 38 Michigan school districts to counter a book used in classrooms teaching false opinions about agriculture.

“A hot planet needs cool kids” is a book used as a companion to the science curriculum with sources including Defenders of Wildlife, The Humane Society of the United States, and Wikipedia. Michigan Farm Bureau says those sources are bias and present false information as fact, misleading children as they shape views of agriculture.

The book includes a section encouraging children to eat less meat and says many livestock are kept in unnatural environments. The book adds eating less or no meat will reduce energy consumption, methane gas and the potential for disease outbreak.

Deb Schmucker, manager of Farm Bureau’s Promotion and Education department, will prepare a packet of information for teachers to use educating students about sustainable, positive farm practices.

"The problem is, when these false statements are repeated over and over, they become engrained and are considered truth," Schmucker said. "If the teachers believe falsehood, and when school book writers use as resources other books and websites that contain falsehoods, where are the kids going to get the truth? If farmers need to write a textbook, we'll do it. But that's not the hard part. The hard part is getting it into the classroom.”

Schmucker is working to have the book taken out of circulation.

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Source: Michigan Farm News