A former worker at Bettencourt Dairies has been sentenced to probation for his role in abusing dairy cows at Bettencourt’s Dry Creek Dairy facility near Hansen, Idaho. 

According to a report by the Times-News, Twin Falls County 5th District Magistrate Judge Calvin Campbell ordered 25-year-old Jesus Garza to a year of probation.

As part of his probation, Garza will not be allowed to work with animals. However, because Garza has since secured employment at another dairy, Campbell is willing to reconsider the stipulation if Garza’s new employer can ensure proper supervision and animal-welfare policies.

Campbell also stressed the importance livestock producers have to their animals.

"What we as people who work with animals cannot forget is that we are the stewards and we are the responsible persons for the animals to make sure that they don't suffer unnecessary cruelty, that they don't suffer cruelty," Campbell said. Read more from the Times-News.

The case made national headlines last year after an undercover video by animal activists showed several workers abusing animals. Read more about the case here.  

In the wake of the video, management fired five employees identified in the video and has since made changes to their vetting and training process. Other Idaho dairies have been working to make improvements, as well.  Read, “Animal abuse claim prompts improved employee training, vetting.”