McCarty Dairy in northwestern Kansas entered into an exclusive deal with The Dannon Company in 2011, the first of its kind in North America. Now the collaboration has resulted in Dannon Cream low-fat yogurt. The yogurt is now available in Sam’s Club locations nationwide.

"Dannon strives to cultivate and nurture partnerships that allow us to continuously improve our environmental and community impact," said Art D'Elia, Vice President of Marketing, The Dannon Company. "McCarty Family Farms is a great partner and collaborator. From their farm to our consumers' tables, we are proud of the taste, quality and nutritional value of Dannon Creamy."

Click here to watch a video that describes the “cow to cup to Sam’s Club” journey.

Kansas Gov.  Sam Brownback hailed the relationship built between the McCarty Dairy and Dannon as “a fabulous example of how agriculture can create good-paying rural jobs with the potential to spur significant additional job creation in the future.”

And fourth-generation dairy farmer Ken McCarty agrees.

"Working with Dannon is like working with family," McCarty said. "Our partnership works because we share the same commitment. And on our farm we live by three simple rules: Be honest, work hard and take care of cows. We are dairy farmers through and through and we love knowing that Dannon Creamy will be enjoyed by our friends, our family and the general public. It makes our job very rewarding."

The McCarty Dairy has revitalized their rural community by providing more than 100 direct jobs, creating a need for additional housing and increasing school enrollment. The dairy’s water reduction goal earned them honorable mention of the 2013 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Awards. Read more here.