GEA Farm Technologies joined in strategic alliance with Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd. to become the exclusive global distributor of the patented Tri-Circle® milking liners, premium DairyGrade silicone milk hose, and other supporting products Lauren designs, develops and manufactures, beginning September 1, 2014.

“This partnership truly allows both companies to operate independently within their core strengths,” explains Vern Foster, Chief Operating Officer at GEA Farm Technologies. “…Lauren has conducted years of research to discover the harmony between liner design, material and system settings. The end result is a market-leading product offering for customers around the world.”

Christopher Pfeiffer, President, Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd., added “GEA brings access to perhaps the largest distribution footprint in the industry, and through their channels, we are able to get our product line and future innovations to an international marketplace..”

The Lauren AgriSystems sales team will join forces with the GEA organization, and continue to concentrate their efforts on supporting the Lauren portfolio of products, and providing technical support and milking system optimization to dairy producers who use Lauren products on their operation, as they have in the past.