Miranda Lambert may have been a top winner at the 2012 Country Music Association Awards Show, but she’s more than just a talented musician. She is the latest celebrity to sport a milk mustache.

The “got milk?” Breakfast Project, focused on encouraging consumers to drink milk with their daily breakfast, struck a chord with the musician.

“My partnership with The Breakfast Project, I think it’s just such a good fit,” Lambert said during a press event unveiling the campaign at the Country Music Association headquarters in Nashville, Tenn.  “I’m a girl from Texas and grew up having big breakfasts with my family. Milk was always on the table.”

Lambert’s first “got milk?” advertisement features the musician starting her morning with a glass of milk and a bowl of cereal.

“This is a perfect match for me, and I’m so thankful to be part of The Breakfast Project,” Lambert said. “And to let kids and adults and everybody know that it’s a big deal. Here I am a normal-sized girl and a healthy girl, and I think it’s because I have a healthy lifestyle, and I drink milk. And it does my body good!”

Watch more of Lambert’s press conference in the video above.

Lambert is not the first country music starlet to don the famous milk moustache. Other country stars include Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.