The Super Bowl is an iconic game and the biggest advertising event of the year. And this year, the Milk Processor Education Program pulled out all of the stops to produce a Hollywood-esque commercial packed full of special effects, action and milk.

The "got milk?" ad combined professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson with plenty of special effects and humor to win over the millions of people watching the big game.

According to Forbes, the "got milk?" commercial was at one point the top-ranked Super Bowl ad with a score of 644, as rated by Ace Matrix. That was up to and including halftime. But, in the second half, a tear-jerker won over the hearts of audiences: Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” Clydesdale commercial ended up in the top spot. 

Despite losing its top-ranked spot, "got milk?’"still fared well, beating out many other popular products, such as Doritos, Hyundai, Audio and Go Daddy. Read more here.  

Not everyone agrees with Ace Matrix’s ratings.

One writer for Yahoo! Sports didn’t even consider the "got milk?" worthy of a mention while USA Today’s Ad Meter ranked it in the middle of the pack.

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