Hispanic celebrities are teaming up to lend their milk mustaches and personal stories to a new, online National Hispanic Milk Mustache campaign.

Actresses Salma Hayek and Sofia Vergara; Los Angeles Angels first baseman Albert Pujols, and TV personalities Lili Estefan and Bárbara Bermudo are among the famous faces featured in the campaign, sharing their tips, memories and anecdotes to promote milk.

The series features 35 short Spanish-language videos covering a broad-range of topics, including raising bilingual children, childhood memories, tips for raising a healthy family, definitions of success, and what being part of the National Hispanic Milk Mustache campaign means. 

Estefan discusses her children in one video and the role she played in helping them to make healthy food choices.

The first video was launched simultaneously with Hayek’s Got Milk? print ad in early May.

Hayek joined the campaign earlier this year to launch The Breakfast Project, making history as the first Milk Mustache celebrity to do TV commercials in both English and Spanish. Dairy Herd Network covered the commercial when it was released in February.

Videos will be posted online throughout the year on the Proyecto Desayuno website, which also features dairy facts and recipes. You can also check out their YouTube page for more videos.

Read more about the campaign and videos here.