“Got Milk?”

Two short, simple words have help propel milk into the national spotlight, proving that commodity brands can run with the big dogs of advertising campaigns. The simple – yet impactful – question has resonated through nearly two generations of consumers, combining humor and effective advertising to convince consumers to turn to milk, not soda or juice, to quench their thirst.

The Inbound Internet Marketing Blog recently named the California Milk Processor Board’s (CMPB) “Got Milk?” campaign is one of the best ever created, joining the ranks of big companies such as Nike and McDonald’s.  Click here to read the full post.

“The simple words "Got Milk?" scribbled above celebrities, animals, and children with milk mustaches became one of the longest lasting campaigns ever,” blogger Anum Hussain wrote. “The CMPB wasn't determined to make their brand known with this one ... they were determined to infiltrate the idea of drinking milk across the nation.”

This isn’t the first time “Got Milk?” has received national attention for being an effective campaign. From its first TV ad, seen above, through its countless moustache-sporting celebrity endorsement, the long-lasting campaign has successfully caught the attention of consumers. 

A 2002 USA Today article looked at the success of the campaign, noting that an advertising survey showed that “Got Milk?” commercials nearly topped the Budweiser Frogs as the most popular ad campaign. Just 11 percent of survey participants disliked the ad, while 41 percent liked them “a lot” and 31 percent found them very effective. Read the archived article here.

"This is a hilarious campaign, but it also differs from other milk campaigns because of its lifestyle approach," Advertising Age ad critic Bob Garfield told USA Today.

To learn more about the history of the “Got Milk?” campaign, click here.