Blueberry, the latest limited-edition flavored milk from a Missouri-based dairy, has consumers feeling anything but blue.

In honor of its 10th anniversary, Shatto Milk Co. of Osborn, Mo., released its latest innovative milk flavor.

Barbara Shatto, owner and co-founder of the family-owned business, told The Kansas City Star that Shatto wanted a Labor Day theme that was mellow and a bit fun in “recognition of the economic and social contribution of all workers.”

Blueberry-flavored milk was scheduled to hit shelves last Thursday, but the Midwest heat wave cut milk production at the dairy and delayed the product’s release. However, on Shatto’s Facebook page, consumers were understanding and supportive.

“The health of the cows is way more important than me fulfilling my craving for chocolate milk,” one fan responded to the company’s announcement of the delay. “Hope you all stay cool during this crazy hot weather!!”

“Another reason why I love you guys! You take care of your cows! I cannot wait to try the blueberry milk. I will be patiently waiting. Thanks for great communication to all your fans,” another responded.

Many consumers were quick to point that despite being blueberry-flavored, the milk was not blue. Shatto explained that "we wanted to make it an all natural product thus we did not use any artifical colors."
Other flavors released this year included Chocolate Cherry, Mint Chocolate, Cookies and Cream and Apple Pie. Just five anniversary flavors were planned, but customer response has convinced the dairy to release two more limited-edition flavors coming later this year.

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