Chocolate milk is back!

Students in the Princeton, Minn., public school system spoke and officials listened. Last year, school officials were forced to restrict students to one carton of chocolate milk each week to meet new federal rules on reducing fats and sugars in school lunches, according to the Princeton (Minn.) Union-Eagle.

However, thanks to a new contract to provide the school district with skim chocolate milk, limitations on chocolate milk will be a thing of the past.

The school district opened the contract to several dairy providers, and though many provided lower bids, the district opted for Dean’s Foods to meet their lower sugar requirements.

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Chocolate milk has been a hot topic in school lunchrooms over the last several years with many districts voting to remove the drink from the menu. However, student responses prompted several schools districts in Georgia, Oregon, North Carolina and West Virginia to reverse the decision.  

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta noted that “milk with sugar is better than none at all.”

“About half the students in the county live around the poverty level. For many, school lunch and breakfast are the main meals of the day,” Gupta said. “Without milk, local doctors said, kids weren't getting enough vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium, or potassium.”

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