“What? Don’t like interrupted dreams? There may just be a drink for that.”   

That’s the point of a new a new "got milk?" advertising campaign warning what could happen if you skip out on a pre-slumber glass of milk – interrupted dreams.  

The pair of commercials for the campaign were directed by Jeff Goodby of the San Fransisco-based Goodby, Silverstein and Partners. Unlike the original advertisements for the campaign launched earlier this year to appeal to Hispanic parents, Goodby’s dream-inspired commercials take the campaign to the next level. See one of the commercials above.

The commercials, highlighted as Ad Week’s “Ad of the Day,” suggest that sleep-inducing tryptophan may be the key to a good night’s sleep. This was also promoted last year in an Ashley Sleep promotion, which suggested that milk combines tryptophan with calcium to enhance one’s ability to fall asleep by producing melatonin, a key role in regulating day-to-night cycles in the human body.

Goodby’s campaign, however, doesn’t stop there. It also includes a “sleep hotline” at 1-855-MILK-ZZZ and yawn-inspiring digital bus-shelter ads.

Read Ad Week's article, “Ad of the Day: Got Milk?”

This isn’t the first time milk has been associated with a good night's sleep. In March Fitness magazine listed the best foods to eat before bedtime. Milk made the list twice. View the article here.

Of course, for the true insomniac, a glass of traditional milk may not be enough to drift off to sleep. Instead, the answer for getting to sleep may lie in Night Milk, a new product being developed overseas. Milk used in Night Milk is collected from cows during the night, resulting in an increased amount of melatonin. Read more about it here.