During the second quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl football game, professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tracked down a gallon of milk amid the chaos related to a bank robbery, circus fiasco and alien invasion.

This latest installment of the popular “got milk?” ad campaign by the California Milk Processor Board  (CMPB) is again leaving the audience thirsty for more. Read more about the Super Bowl Commercial here.

Now, branding guru Jeff Manning, the former executive director of the CMPB during the 1993 creation of the “got milk?” campaign, believes that other commodities should take note and work to create their own iconic brand.

"Find that strategy, either as a brand or category that you own," Manning told Lancaster Farming. "And it has to be true."

The iconic “got milk?” brand has been successful, thanks to its underlying message: milk deprivation.

"That your life turned upside down without milk with certain things," Manning said.

Manning and others at the CMPB did more than just reiterate the importance of drinking milk. Instead, it took the concept of milk being “good for you” to a necessity for breakfast and more.

The campaign helped to jump-start milk’s role in McDonald’s happy meals and Oreo cookies. There was even a dairy-themed Barbie doll created at one point. The simplicity of the promotion has helped it stick around and fuel a thirst for a full glass of milk. Read more here.

Last year “got milk?” was named as one of the best campaigns ever created, joining the ranks of Nike and McDonald’s.

“The simple words "got milk?" scribbled above celebrities, animals, and children with milk mustaches became one of the longest lasting campaigns ever,” blogger Anum Hussain wrote in the article. “The CMPB wasn't determined to make their brand known with this one... they were determined to infiltrate the idea of drinking milk across the nation.”

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