A group of Washington dairy farmers banded together to bring fresh dairy to local food banks, and in Canada, a nine-year-old is behind a similar venture.

Osten Poh, a grade school student in a small Saskatchewan town, has spent much of his summer working to raise around CA$30,000 to ensure a two-year supply of fresh milk, cheese and butter through the Salvation Army Food Bank, according to The Southwest Booster.  

Poh initially came up with his plan the year before after learning that people in his community didn’t have enough money to buy food. Along with his parents, Poh contacted the Salvation Army to put his plan into action.

"I didn't think that it would work out, but I'm happy it did," Poh said in an interview.

The initial response to the project has been positive, and several area businesses and individuals have supported Poh’s initiative.

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