New York's Greek yogurt industry has taken off, helping propel it to the top yogurt-producing state in the country. Can it retain the lead or will other states take over?

Cornell University released the first of two research papers analyzing the impact ― and potential ― of New York’s Greek yogurt production.

According to the report, New York won the geographic lottery in Greek yogurt production. Its close proximity to dense population centers, high milk production volume and easy access to interstates puts it at a competitive edge against other states, such as California, Wisconsin and Idaho.

It also helped that the founder of Chobani yogurt was living in New York at the time he launched his greek yogurt enterprise. 

Greek yogurt is expected to continue to grow at an exceedingly high rate over the next five to 10 years, but with the increase in demand also comes an increase in supply. Though New York is expected to stay keeps its title as the country’s leading Greek yogurt producer, other states in the West will also step up to the challenge.

The research suggest that a recent trend in central and eastern New York of very low or even negative growth in milk production could stunt Greek yogurt growth in the state, and some companies are concerned for the long-term competitiveness of New York’s dairy farmers "vis-à-vis" those in other milk producing states.

Before the state’s Greek yogurt boom can fizzle, many companies in the state believe  there is a role for New York State in improving the climate for business across the entire dairy sector.  Specifically, they see an opportunity for the government to reduce disincentives and increase incentives to promote growth in milk production and facilitate the building large-scale digesters.

The researchers concluded there is hope for the long-term success of New York’s Greek yogurt industry.  

Click here to read, “Industry Evaluations of the Status and Prospects for the Burgeoning New York Greek-style Yogurt Industry.”