One New York-based dairy is bringing out a festive flavor of milk just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

According to The Syracuse (N.Y.) Post-Standard, Byrne Dairy in central N.Y., is continuing its 38-year tradition of rolling out mint-flavored, green-tinted milk.  The mill’s popularity makes it hard for stores to keep them on the shelves.

Byrne Dairy will sell nearly 6,000 gallons of green milk during the brief seasonal period, and though popular, the dairy plans to keep it an annual traditional.

"If it was available year-round, it wouldn't have the same effect," said Kate Byrne, the family-owned company's sales and marketing director.

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Fans of the dairy – and its green milk – have shared their praise of the unique milk on the dairy’s Facebook page:

“My kids wait all year for this milk!!!” one fan wrote.

“I drank an entire glass jug... To myself... Straight from the jug too... It was amazing,” another said.

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