The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) raised more than $1.5 million for the Hurricane Sandy disaster relief – with just 33 percent going to relief efforts, according to Humane Watch – but in the wake of the historic floods that inundated northern Colorado last month, the group has been mostly silent on the national scene.

HSUS chooses cow tail docking ban over Colo. flood victimsLocally, the group provided aid – to some. HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle wrote in a September blog post that in just one day during the flood, the group’s Prairie Dog Coalition “rescued 45 prairie dogs.” Last week, the group also gave the Colorado Horsecare Foodbank a $5,000 grant to help provide hay to the state’s horse-owning families impacted by the floods.

But what about the rest of the flood’s furry victims?

Humane Watch shows that the HSUS left Longmont Humane Society to cover the workload of helping animals affected by the flooding, pushing its shelter well beyond its capacity.

The Longmont Humane Society worked to save these animals without financial donations or grants from the HSUS, even as it frantically tries to raise more than $770,000 by Nov. 30 to avoid possible foreclosure.  

The group is, however, opening up its checkbooks for one cause in Colorado – running a ballot initiative aimed at banning dairy cow tail docking, according to Humane Watch. A bill banning cow tail docking was briefly considered earlier this year before lawmakers decided not to pursue it.

Humane Watch reports that just one dairy in the state still practices tail docking, but that alone isn’t enough to convince the HSUS to back down from its cause. In recent years, the group pursued efforts in New Jersey and Florida to ban sow gestation stalls, despite few – if any – producers in the states used them.

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Considering the HSUS spent more than $500,000 to help pass Missouri’s 2010 Proposition B, the amount the group will spend fighting to ban cow tail docking will easily surpass its contributions to Colorado’s flood victims.