Over 65 percent of New Year’s resolutions are about getting in shape or losing weight, according to research by YouGov. But by now, most of these lofty or over-generalized resolutions have fizzled. During Healthy Weight Week, Jan. 19-25, Dairy Council of California recommends refocusing on creating healthy behaviors, like eating breakfast, with seven tips based on behavior change science from BJ Fogg.

The National Weight Control Registry, which chronicles volunteers who have maintained weight loss of at least 30 pounds for more than a year, has found time and again that eating breakfast is one habit common to people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off.

“When setting healthier lifestyle goals or resolutions, get off to a good start with breakfast because it’s one habit that can set the tone for a healthier day,” said Trina Robertson, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with Dairy Council of California. “Including milk, cheese or yogurt at breakfast can help you balance your protein throughout the day, keeping you full longer, which may help you maintain a healthy weight. Scientific research further confirms the many health benefits that milk and milk products provide at breakfast and throughout the day.”

Seven steps outlined in a new infographic from Dairy Council of California instruct resolution-makers to:
    •    Be focused and specific.
    •    Think tiny. Break down complex goals into simple steps.
    •    Start with the morning, when most people already have a set routine.
    •    Add a new food, activity or healthy habit rather than attempting to subtract one.
    •    Anchor a new behavior to the end of an existing habit.
    •    Create environmental cues to keep on track.
    •    Find a tribe online or in person for support.

A new infographic is available at HealthyEating.org/NewYear along with a number of online tools, articles and recipes to make eating a healthy breakfast easier. Together, these resources will help make breakfast the first in a long line of healthy habits.