Editor's note: Although the U.S. House of Repesentatives passed the Goodlatte-Scott amendment to the farm bill, which removed a controversial measure that would limit milk production increases in times of unfavorable price margins, it became somewhat academic later in the day when the House failed to pass the farm bill itself. 

Jerry Slominski, senior vice president of legislative affairs and economic policy with the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), released the following statement on the overwhelming, bi-partisan passage of the Goodlatte-Scott amendment:

"IDFA commends the House of Representatives for voting, 291-135, to reform our dairy policies by establishing a new and expanded revenue insurance program for dairy farmers without imposing a controversial program that will have our government get into the business of limiting milk supplies, hurting consumers and costing American jobs. The momentum is now strongly against supply management for our dairy industry.

The Goodlatte-Scott amendment will provide an effective and expanded safety net for dairy farmers but without adding a program that will make healthy and nutritious dairy products less affordable for our nation?s families. And, it will allow dairy companies, particularly dairy exporters, to continue to grow and create jobs.

IDFA is grateful for the strong bipartisan support from all across our country but particularly to Representatives Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and David Scott (D-GA) for sponsoring this amendment, to the cosponsors of the amendment, to the Representatives who spoke out during the floor debate and to the many other Representatives who reached out to their colleagues to help win this vote.

We also thank House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) for his strong and consistent support throughout the Farm Bill process.

We look forward to passage of the Farm Bill by the whole of Congress and to reforming our dairy support programs without also forcing families to pay more for dairy products or limiting our industry?s ability to capture new export markets. The entire dairy industry will be stronger as a result."