What is new with immigration reform relative to your dairy business? Get the scoop during these two upcoming webinars, presented by the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin:

“Immigration Reform Updates: Where We’re At, Where We’re Headed” will be on Mon., Jan. 28 (register by Jan. 21), noon-1:00 p.m. (CST).

During the webinar, immigration attorney Erich Straub will discuss the prospects for immigration reform in 2013, particularly an employment visa for dairy workers. There are strong signs that the long awaited “tipping point” in the immigration debate may have occurred in the November 2012 presidential election. Within hours of the polls closing, members of both political parties were attributing President Obama’s victory to overwhelming support from Latino voters. Along with the President, Republican and Democratic Congressional leaders are signaling that immigration reform is one of the top priorities of the next legislative session. Learn where your dairy could stand as reform moves forward, and ask your questions during the Q&A.

“I-9 Inspections - Are You Ready?” will be on Mon., Feb. 25 (register by Feb. 18), noon-1:00 p.m. (CST).

The good news: Gone are the days of massive government immigration raids on employers. The bad news: I-9 inspections of employers are continuing to grow and are taking the place of “raids.” Inspections can result in fines, criminal liability, and, perhaps most importantly, the loss of a significant portion of your workforce almost overnight. The problem is more acute for dairy than for any other business, because dairy animals need daily care, and putting up a “closed” sign is not a solution to a sudden labor disruption.

Attorneys Erich Straub and Priya Bhatia will break down the process of I-9 inspections in this webinar. Producers will learn how they can prepare for an I-9 inspection before it happens. The webinar will also give specific tips on how to handle an ICE agent’s visit to your farm. Finally, the attorneys will tell you how to improve your I-9 process so you can best protect your business. 

PDPW members register for $100 per session. Non-PDPW members can register at $125 per session. Each registration covers one computer, so multiple people can gather around a computer to participate.

For more information or to register, go to www.pdpw.org or call 800-947-7379.