Portland, Maine – ImmuCell announces the creation and launch of the ‘Immediate Immunity’ Facebook page. This is a new go-to resource for dairy producers, veterinarians and calf raisers looking for the latest solutions and technologies to provide calves with immediate immunity at birth.

The ‘Immediate Immunity’ Facebook page was launched in an effort to answer questions related to calf health and immunity and educate about immune function in calves. Calves are born without a functioning immune system.  To build immunity, it is important calves receive the proper care and management to help protect them from early disease threats.

“When calves are exposed to disease and unprotected so is a producer’s bottom line. We are committed to protecting calves and delivering technologies and insights that help producers protect the future herd,” says Bobbi (Kunde) Brockmann, director of sales and marketing with ImmuCell Corporation. “The launch of this Facebook page is part of the commitment we’ve made to educate producers and industry on the value of providing calves with immediate immunity.”

Connect with the growing community on the ‘Immediate Immunity’ page by visiting www.facebook.com/ImmediateImmunity.