India’s dairies promise improvementAfter a 2012 survey that found 70 percent of milk samples nationwide did not meet food safety standards, India and its milk producers are on a mission to improve. As the New York Times reports, dairy is the major animal protein staple for the country with over 1 billion people. As we reported last week, Rabobank said that Indian commodity milk processing was rapidly expanding

Outside the commodity milk market, another expansion is occurring as farms and willing consumers are pairing up for direct sales from dairies. One dairy interviewed by the Times is “Pride of Cows,” one of the largest dairy industry players in India. While the milk production and processing will continue to evolve as time goes on, one look at Pride of Cows’ webpage shows that marketing is well into this millennium. 

The website’s pictures are all women, the educational links and videos tout Pride of Cows’ benefits over competitors, and a sign-up allows for home delivery service in a snap. It also gives consumers a look at the science behind refrigeration and nutrition of milk.

The Pride of Cows website says that the company has a production capacity of 25,000 liters (nearly 57,000 pounds) of milk per day from a single farm on 26 acres. The farm features freestalls full of Holsteins, a rotary parlor, and a total mixed ration. A video explaining the process at Pride of Cows shows that the processing plant is right on the farm, and that milk is delivered to the doorstep within hours of milking. 

Small percentage of big country

But don’t mistake that farm-to-home sales are rippling throughout India already. The Pride of Cows subscription currently delivers just 10,000 liters (about 22,000 pounds) daily to homes and five-star hotels in the area. Their milk is double the cost of pasteurized milk at the local store, according to the article. 

A marketing analyst said in the article that just 1 percent of the $70 billion Indian dairy product market uses the upscale niche, but the segment is expected to grow by over 20% per year. 

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