The typical U.S. adult believes they lack energy.  Whether it’s because of stress, lack of sleep and exercise, the onslaught of social media, long work hours, or whatever, consumers say there is a need. In fact, energy is an unstoppable global trend, according to New Nutrition Business 12 Key Trends 2014. Consider this:

63% of US consumers are concerned about lack of energy

69% claim ‘provides energy’ is important in determining which product to buy

Recent consumer research sponsored by the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy suggests there are widely differing energy needs (physical, mental, emotional) throughout the day that manifest differently

U.S. energy drink and shot sales have grown an estimated 60% from 2008 to 2012 in spite of the recession

Consumer data indicate natural energy is becoming the new functional energy trend. There is no FDA definition of what makes a food product “natural,” so the term is more about what consumers perceive—especially as we see the shift in overall food culture to more real, simple, less-processed foods and beverages.

While there is no lack of solutions for these “energy” needs, some are more readily accepted by consumers than others. For example, while up to half of millennials say they consume typical energy drinks, half claim they are not good for their health.  More importantly, dairy-based beverages and foods may not be getting their fair share!  How can dairy gain an advantage in this area?

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