Thousands of canned food items and a committed team of volunteers will converge at the Iowa State Fair Aug. 11-21 to create a first-of-its-kind exhibit at one of the most popular celebrations of food, fun and agriculture in America.

The “Together We CAN!” exhibit, presented by the Iowa Food & Family Project (Iowa FFP), will feature the work of Canstruction®, the most unique food charity in the world.

Located in the south atrium of the Varied Industries Building and open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, this exhibit will include larger-than-life replicas of the Iowa State Fair butter cow (in honor of its 100th anniversary), a milk carton, market-size hog and landscape of soybeans and corn fields — all sculpted from thousands of cans of food.

Following the fair, all food items used in the exhibit will be donated to the Iowa Food Bank Association (IFBA) benefiting Iowans struggling against hunger.

“We’re delighted to host this unique event,” says Gary Slater, CEO/Manager of the Iowa State Fair. “It’s a truly remarkable display that’s not been seen before at the Iowa State Fair.”

The purpose of the exhibit is to encourage conversations about farming, inspire greater awareness of the commitment of Iowa farmers to providing healthy food for everyone and help people and families struggling with hunger.

“While people hold farmers in high regard, they have sincere questions about farming and want to know more about the quality of their food and how it’s produced,” says Aaron Putze, director of external relations for the Iowa Soybean Association and coordinator of the Iowa FFP. “Farmers want to listen, engage in the discussion and, most importantly, demonstrate their commitment to continuous improvement.

“’Together We CAN!’ will provide that opportunity,” he adds, “while also serving as a catalyst to help people and families in need of food.”

Sponsors of “Together We CAN!” include the Iowa Soybean Association, Midwest Dairy Association, Iowa Pork Producers Association, Hy-Vee, Syngenta, Iowa State Fair, IFBA and United Soybean Board.

Jordan Vernoy, IFBA state director, says its Iowa State Fair partnership with the Iowa FFP will make a tremendous difference in the lives of families and children struggling with hunger.

“Action begins with awareness and we’re pleased and grateful to the Iowa Food and Family Project for the substantial assistance the ‘Together We CAN!’ project will provide,” he says. “Every dollar donated allows food banks to distribute up to $15 worth of food to hungry Iowans.

“The generosity of fairgoers visiting the exhibit will go a long way toward assisting the more than 380,000 Iowans who are food insecure.”

Source: Iowa Food & Family Project