Quark, Greek yogurt’s cheesy German cousin, is a creamy, cheese-like product with yogurt-like features, and it’s quickly making its presence felt in the dairy aisle, ready to win over a skeptical American market.

Is America ready for quark?According to FoodBev Media, the über healthy German-style quark has started to pop up in Whole Foods and other specialty stores --  thanks to brands like Elli.

What does it take to woo Americans? McLean Design, the brains behind the quark introduction, finds that a clear understanding of evolving consumer behavior helps.

“Elli quark has a contemporary, Euro-chic feel, designed to appeal to consumers as a smarter, healthier dairy snack,” said Ian McLean, founder and creative director of McLean Design Inc. “Elli captures a youthful, forward-thinking aesthetic,” said McLean. “That helps it differentiate from typical dairy products, which are good for you, but not actively healthy like quark.”

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Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO of Chobani, faced similar issues in introducing Greek yogurt to the American market. NBC News reports that before Chobani came along, Greek yogurt sales in the United States were nearly nonexistent. Today, the popular product makes up more than one-third of the yogurt we eat.

Many yogurt giants such as General Mills and Kraft Foods waited for Greek yogurt trend to fizzle, and by entering the market so late, the companies missed out. Read more here.

Whether quark will be a passing fad or a product here to stay, customers are making it clear that they are willing to give it a try.