Now that Greek yogurt has gained a foothold in the dairy aisle, manufacturers are now turning their attention to a new market – youth.

While many adults may prefer its thick consistency and health benefits to traditional yogurt, youth are a completely different story. According to a report by The Associated Press, kids focus more on satisfying their sweet tooth than meeting daily nutritional needs.

"Whether the benefits of Greek yogurt are meaningful to children or not remains to be seen," Ian Friendly, the chief operating officer for the U.S. retail division of General Mills, is quoted as saying.

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That's not to stop the leading Greek yogurt manufacturers from trying.

Chobani is courting young consumers with "Champions Tubes," offering it in flavors such as “Chillin’ Cherry” and Jammin’ Strawberry.” 

General Mills introduced “Pre-Force” Greek yogurt last month. “Pre-Force” is marketed for tweens and older children. The company has yet to announce whether they will offer a Greek yogurt version of its popular squeezable “Go-Gurt.”