“Agriculturists -- it’s time for us to stand up," encourages Jasmine Dillon, a graduate student in animal breeding at Texas A&M University in a YouTube video.

She goes on to refute the notion -- stirred up recently in the popular press -- that agriculture, animal science and horticulture are useless degrees. 

"...if that were true, then could you tell me please how it is possible for you to roll out of your silk sheets, brush your teeth with toothpaste made from cotton seed, eat your corn pops breakfast cereal and drink your 2 percent milk,” Dillion says.  

Earlier this year, an article featured on Yahoo! Education listed three agriculture-degrees in a list naming the top five worthless degrees.

The story has since died down…until now.

The group Farmers Fight, a Texas A&M University-based group of ag students, released a video to reconnect American society to the world of agriculture.

Not all non-agriculture media sources agree with the article in Yahoo! Education. National Public Radio  featured a series on the economic transition of the Midwest. Agriculture is one of the biggest drivers of local economics in the region, accounting for billions of dollars in exports and adding thousands of jobs to rural communities. In addition, Purdue University College of Agriculture has reported a placement rate increase for graduates for the second consecutive year.  

Find out more about Farmers Fight through their blog.  

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