Real Wisconsin dairy products can make a big difference in even the simplest dishes. That’s because when you start with the very best, you get the very best. That’s the dairy difference.

This June Dairy Month, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) is celebrating real dairy products with its Taste the Dairy Difference campaign. The campaign includes a collection of new recipes, both a website and mobile website with a dairy farm breakfast locator map, a retail display with free recipe brochures and a smartphone application to access additional recipes.

“The Dairy Difference promotion celebrates the simplicity of real dairy in recipes that use just a few of the very best ingredients,” said Dave Bavlnka, vice president of Advertising at WMMB. "The pure and defining taste of dairy products— such as sour cream, yogurt and cottage cheese—makes them all especially good. And to further simplify, we've integrated innovative technology into this year’s campaign so consumers can easily access recipes and farm breakfast information.”

The collection of 12 new recipes range from homey to sophisticated. For example, yogurt makes a rich and satisfying batter for French toast, while sour cream provides the tangy base of an Indian curry salmon marinade and topping.

Six recipes are highlighted in a free recipe brochure available in Taste the Dairy Difference displays at dairy breakfasts and participating supermarkets across Wisconsin. All 12 recipes are available at

The Dairy Difference website will once again feature the popular, interactive dairy breakfast locator map. Updated for 2011, the map is searchable by county and date for information about breakfasts and locations.

New this year is a mobile version of the Taste the Dairy Difference website. The mobile site will allow visitors using a smartphone to easily access recipes and use the dairy breakfast locator map. A QR code on Taste the Dairy Difference promotional materials in retail outlets will lead directly to the mobile site, where consumers can access additional recipes. A QR code is a unique barcode that lets customers access a mobile website on any supported phone with a tag reader.

For more information about the campaign and June Dairy Month, visit