Kentucky’s animal shelters were given a financial boost recently after a dairy farmer willed hundreds of thousands of dollars to them.

Bland Hardison, a Muhlenburg County, Ky., dairy farmer passed away earlier this year, and according to WAVE News, his love for animals prompted him to leave $225,000 behind for Kentucky’s animal shelters.

Each government-run animal shelter will receive roughly $1,400.

View the article from WAVE News here.

Coincidentally, Kentucky animal shelters received more donations from Hardison than they reportedly received from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), one of the nation’s largest animal-rights organizations.

According to Humane Watch, HSUS provided no donations to Kentucky in 2011. That same year, HSUS shared just 0.24 percent of its total budget as grants to support pet shelters across the United States. See the infographic here.