Did you grow up on a dairy farm? If yes, you have just 10% of the risk against the general rural population in developing allergies.

According to Sahlgrenska Academy researchers, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, pregnant moms can also benefit from spending time on the dairy farm (how’s that for an agri-tourism marketing plan?).

The study monitored rural children until the age of three from the Västra Götaland Region of Sweden, in the southwest surrounding Gothenburg, examining their immune system in relation to allergies. Half of the children lived on farms that produced milk.

But the story isn’t over, as researchers will continue to examine the children’s development, next when they turn eight years old. 

The study, published online June 13 in the Journal of Immunology, also identified children with an allergic disease having a higher percentage of immature B-cells in their blood and first month of life. 

Source: University of Gothenburg