One of the farm names most synonymous with high-quality dairy cattle, Lylehaven Farm held a dispersal sale on Friday in East Montpelier, Vt. The farm, consisting of 150 Holsteins, held “The Celebration of Lylehaven” sale as input prices stayed high and no future generation was willing to take over the farm.

Jerry Rappaport, Lylehaven’s owner, dedicated 40 years of his life to dairy industry. The 87-year old accomplished many things through dairy cattle, including selling C Metcalf Valiant Mist for over $1 million; Mist was featured in People magazine for the feat. Lylehaven Lila Z also sold for $1.15 million.

Rappaport is no farm boy, though. Jerome Lyle Rappaport (his middle name is where “Lylehaven" comes from) was born and raised in the Bronx and Manhattan in New York City. Entering Harvard University at the age of 16, he continued on to be a lawyer and political leader in Boston. He may be best known, outside of the cow world, for redeveloping Boston’s West End neighborhood, beginning a 40-year real estate career throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Also a philanthropist, Jerry and his wife began the Rappaport Foundation in 1997.

Update: According to The Cattle Exchange, the sale averaged $5,934 on 133 lots. Top seller was Lylehaven Atwood Lylly-ET (EX-92) at $70,000.

Source: WCAX, People