Two new smartphone apps are available for animal ag producers and their advisers. Both apps are priced at 99 cents. They include:

  • Manure Calculator (iTunes version | Google Play version) has three parts. One is to calculate the amount of manure spread (calibrate equipment). The second is to calculate the amount of nutrients spread using either book values or the producer's own manure test values. The third is to estimate the approximate value of the manure relative to its fertilizer use. The app includes a feature to email information to keep as a permanent record.
  • Manure Monitor (iTunes version | Google Play version) is a record-keeping app for animal feeding operations. It allows the user to develop a farm-wide emergency response plan and then sync that plan across all smartphones or tablets associated with the farm. A producer can also keep records on rainfall, manure storage inspections, mortality disposal, waterline inspection, manure transfers and equipment maintenance.

Source: Livestock & Poultry Environmental Learning Center News, February 2013