Milk Products has announced an addition to their Sav-A-Caf line of calf performance products. Ultra Start 150 PLUS colostrum replacer contains ImmuCell’s First Defense Technology, 150 grams of globulin proteins, effortless mixing and a small 350 gram feeding size. 

According to the Sav-A-Caf website, Ultra Start 150 PLUS is one of the most concentrated formulas available.  

Dave Kuehnel, President of Milk Products, proudly introduced the new product, which included a partnership with ImmuCell.

“We are very excited about this new product and the partnership with ImmuCell,” Kuehnel said in a news release.  “The technology that ImmuCell brings to the table was a perfect fit for our Sav-A-Caf brand.  Adding First Defense Technology to our colostrum replacer provides calves specific globulin proteins along with our high-quality ingredients like whey protein concentrate, fat, vitamins and minerals.”

“Unlike other colostrum replacers we’ve made the attempt to truly replicate high-quality colostrum from cows on a solid vaccination program,” Kuehnel said.

ImmuCell’s Director of Sales and Marketing Bobbi Kunde reiterated the importance of the partnership.

“Partnering with Milk Products made perfect sense for ImmuCell. Their colostrum replacer formula is the most concentrated and extremely easy to mix – exactly what producers want. We would only consider putting our technology in one of the top products on the market,” Kunde said.  

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Source: Milk Products